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(target launch date 8.8.2020 Please check back for updates and join our email list for updates and upcoming events.)

MyVote Project Founders: Sari Kaufman, David McAdams, and Gita Stulberg

MyVote Project is a nonpartisan voter education platform revolutionizing the way people vote and think about politics. We aim to give voters the background they seek to Know the policies that impact their lives and, Know the candidates who want to represent them at all levels of government. Our mission is to arm voters with relevant information before they enter the voting booth. MyVote. MyVoice. OurFuture.

To Donate, Please visit our GoFund Me - Charity Campaign

Your donations will allow us to hire a full-time team to support:
FURTHER research and development of candidates’ profiles and various policy stances at the local, state, and national levels throughout MULTIPLE states across the country.
INCREASE policy research on the issues voters care about.
IMPROVE and further develop the User Experience of MyVote Project's website.
EXPAND "On-the-ground " and virtual outreach across the nation to help engage and educate voters on the issues.
GROW our volunteer team of over 200 volunteers across the country.
DELIVER MyVote Project to voters across the state of Florida and Nationally!